What Do You Want from a Provider of eLearning Solutions?

You Learn Every Single Day

The USA is a great place to find eLearning. In other words, learning that is done not in-person, but instead via a digital device as in phone, laptop and so on. Learning and acquiring an education, whether it is done at an institution or the “School of hard knocks,” is a vital phase of success, because if you do not have mental stimulation and excitement, it is quite difficult achieving anything that is of meaning with other people. And there are many, many contexts in which being taught something can be had by you. For starters, every day, whether you are aware of it or not, you are in the process of acquiring knowledge.

Too Many Solutions to Decide From?

In fact, we learn every day until we pass. But much of this type of learning is that it is not the kind you reach out to find because you feel the need to be better quipped in some area of another. Training now exists online which has been a major step forward for educators and students. Having the ability to learn almost anything with just a few clicks is now an everyday activity, but it has been a revolution. The downside though for knowledge creators is that it has become a competitive world onto its own. Meaning that there are so many solutions for online learning available that it takes its toll on providers.

What do You Want from a Solution Provider?

How can solution mavens make themselves look more successful by building their brand as have other experts in their field.? Think about it, are you going to want to learn from just anyone? This is likely not. You are going to want to learn from someone who is well known in their industry. This helps to build trust with you, that the course maker is good source to go to when wanting educational insight. And when it comes to their teaching methods, you need to be able to listen to their solutions and then put them to work for you. Because Afterall, you desire to understand and become better at something. Many experts today do a consultation approach via live video streaming during which they “coach” you.

How do You Get Viewers to Remember the Brand when They are Watching a Funny Commercial?

Gadget the Technomatic Wonder Dog is Ready to Help You with Maximizing in Your Promotional Video Both Branding and Giggles!

If you are here at USA eLearning looking for some info regarding the process of creating a funny commercial or video, then you are at the right place. Specifically, what we are going to briefly explore is figuring out the best place in your promotion is to put the biggest laugh moment? In other words, at what point in the video is the most beneficial section to add the serious guffaws?

Laughter and meaning combined. Emotion that brings about a smile.

Why does this work? It is because when the person in their everyday life or work thinks about a funny moment from your commercial, you want them to recall the primary aspect of your message that you desire to get across.

A big mistake that companies can make is to be so caught up in making a promo that is as hilarious as possible that they miss the original intent of what they want the takeaway to be for the viewer. It is understandable why this happens because no one wants to make a commercial that seems too much like a commercial!

There is the desire with some agencies to go full hog with what is funny, and although the targeted demographic will do a bit of ha-ha-ha-ing, no points are made for the client and advertiser because the individuals who watch ad will later have no recalling who did the promo nor do they care to know.

Not a good phenomenon for an advertiser which in turn means that the creator is not pleasing the client and therefore could lose an account.

All that the marketing client wanted was a little bit of persuasion to assist in getting for them another customer. And yes, that falls on the marketer.

So how can you be funny and yet still getting the sponsors’ identity to hit home with the person watching the spot?

When a video maker is at a loss as to how to make a comedic commercial more converting of the prospect being sought, it is a good bet to follow a simple rule.

When making a humorous video but are at a loss of what to do to maximize giggles in conjunction with getting across the sponsor’s desired branding message, there is a simple tactic to set implement.

Meaning and emotion is extremely important to building brand awareness with or without humor attached. To then combine emotion/meaning into an advertisement while also having humor attached can be a positive double whammy.

Where does brand have a big opportunity to get stored in the viewer’s memory banks? Something that does sometimes work in a pinch is to put the branding in the same place of the biggest moment of hilarity. Why? Because humans remember emotion, and laughter is one.

So, if as they laugh, they are simultaneously taking in an important branding moment, you have the best of both worlds!

The American Remote Classroom Versus USA eLearning

Too Much Creative Technology Available?

It is not terrific to see that this site has not been updated in around six months. Yes, it is getting tougher and tougher to keep up with updates and procedures in a creative world. Meaning, there is so much opportunity these days with information technology and the like, that one can get overwhelmed with what is out there (in a good way) but as a result, not doing tasks in the timely manner that they deserve to be done in.

Technology to the Rescue

When starting USA eLearning, the idea was to take a snapshot of eLearning in America and write posts about its evolution. And at this point, due to the pandemic, eLearning is everywhere and is now called something different: remote learning. It is really pretty amazing the spectrum of educating that was going on via cyber methods. Not just kids, but college students as well.

Education Theft?

Although there was a lot of negative press about attending class virtually, my personal experience with it has been quite favorable. The most often used complaint by parents was that they felt that their children were being robbed of the in-person approach, and therefore they were not keeping up with academic standards. And for many, especially those parents who had kids with a learning disabilities, this was true.

Teachers who Love Teaching Were More Likely to Reach Kids than those who “Phone it in.”

But what I watched unfold, was that for a kid who was motivated, eLearning was possibly even better than the alternative. Since there were fewer distractions, it became easier for the student to move through class requirements more quickly. But I imaging that it has to do with the quality of teaching at the school the pupil is attending. Teachers who really wanted to connect with kids and help them learn, were able to do so despite the mode and circumstances.

Student Social Interaction

An undeniable negative of remote learning for kids, and even college students really, was the lack of opportunity for social interaction that is important for the growth of human beings. Yes, there are a lot of digital tools available through which students can interact with each other not during school ours, but for some grades more than others, it makes peer communications virtually pale in comparison to in-person.

Running a Business is a Creative Process

eBooks Being Developed

We currently have 30 or so work-in-progress eBooks we are writing. They are on all kinds of different topics, most of which fall under the category of “Step by step how you can easily and creatively use technology as a tool to get better results for your business.”

What has Been Holding Us Back?

We must admit we are facing a wall. A wall of uncertainty of whether these self-generated solutions have an audience who needs them. The eBooks contain techniques that have worked for us in business and creativity, but the question still looms above us that if these methodologies are so linked to what we do, will they be helpful for others?

We will Keep You Posted

For those of you who have an interest in the digital books we are creating, check back in a bit to here, and we will let you know how it is going. Meanwhile, all the best to you with your own entrepreneurial pursuits!

Make Money Online

eLearning Ways to Harness Technology to Build Wealth

We live in a new world of opportunity in which we can harness technology to create passive income streams that can be accessed even if you work at a “regular” job full time. How? By doing what people of wealth do which is to go beyond just having one pipeline for achieving your financial goals.

The Urgency of Developing Online Financial Opportunities

These are days of uncertainty, even if you have a 9-5 occupation. Many of us are working remotely because of the COVID-19 crisis and having a country that is divided does not help either. That is why learning how to develop alternative sources of financial gain is more urgent than ever.

There are many different strategies to opening additional methods of bringing in cash.

Diversify Your Investments

One system for accruing prosperity is to make certain to diversify your investments. Of course, to make this happen, you need to be investing in the stock market in the first place. If you are currently not doing this it is suggested, you start. There is risk involved though. You can begin this process with small amounts on a regular basis toward, for example, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and mutual funds. Yes, you could end up losing money, but in the long term there is a good chance you will do well. We are not a brokerage fund, so we are not qualified to give you specifics, but history has shown that those who have an investment portfolio strategy over those who do not.

Yianni Stamas Celebrates Yesterday’s Eclipse and Your Small Business

Celebrate Your Business

We here at USAeLearning feel that Astronomy is is an important nonfiction topic. For those of you who are interested in Astronomy, or even those who are not, we are reaching out to you regarding yesterday’s Total Solar Eclipse. The relationship between the eclipse and the kind of work we do (“How To” eBooks) is that we can learn from the coming together of the sun and the moon. You see, your career, small business or your solopreneur undertakings are at their best an event to be celebrated. Do you celebrate what you do?

Time to Throw in the Towel?

Many don’t. Why? Possibly because the majority of readers of “How To” eBooks never apply what they have learned. Chances are, they find the steps they need to take as being overwhelming or maybe something they feel is out of their reach. Fear and procrastination could be the cause of not taking action. We also understand that when things do not happen as you had hoped, this too can be demotivating. For example, we had planned to do a story on the eclipse yesterday, but were drowning in our work load. We could have forgotten about the whole thing even though we took the time to do research on the topic. It was frustrating because the original material was useless since we missed the day if should have been used.

Your Work is Worthy

But rather than allowing fear and procrastination to hold us back (which easily could have happened). So, we decided to not be ruled by negative emotion and wrote this blog entry today anyway. Facing feelings of being awkward and not knowing how it will all turn out, we bit our lip and kept going forward. And believe us if we tell you that if we can do it so can your. Celebrate your career, small business or solopreneur venture as being as worthy as an eclipse!

eLearning is a Communication Art

Take Them to the Next Level

Our authors are communication artists. They take what they write very seriously, always striving to be helpful to those who need the solution to a problem. This puts a lot of pressure on the creator to create a work that will help to take the reader to the next level.

Consider the Possibilities

This process starts with something that challenges the reader in their own life. They must have a great hurdle to overcome that you can help them with. And if you wish to use eLearning as a communication art, you need to ask to yourself, are you the best person to be developing a book on the topic?

Who Are You?

Some have the revelation that there may be someone else who is more qualified to address the problem of the customer. This is fine. You can always take the approach of interviewing one or more people who posses more knowledge than you do. It is still your project, you are facilitating it. The possibilities are endless. Are you an eLearning communication artist?

A Brief Educational Post on Becoming a Billionaire

Some Key Points

Investopedia claims that if you choose being a Billionaire as a career path you should be able to Invent so you can create a product people need, they also suggest that you be an innovator to figure out creative ways of making an offering. Also suggested is that you should know how to invest and how to be an entrepreneur. Interesting other qualities that Investopedia suggests exploring incudes not quitting too soon and do not think you know it all.

Drive and Determination

Investopedia’s ideas make a lot of sense because like anything you might decide to do you do need to have a product, be an innovator, able to invent as well as not being a quitter. A lot of pressure isn’t it? A quality we would to the list is having drive. Because the only way you will achieve your goals is if you can continue and not quit is if you have strong motivation.

Are You an Extravert or an Introvert?

We also believe it is much easier for an extravert to become successful than it is for introverts. Extroverts can be loud and communicators whereas this is not the style of introverts. We are not saying you cannot make the big bucks if you are an introvert, but it does add an extra wall you have to breakthrough.

Input from a Source

We thought it was important since we are only just starting this journey that we talk about your goal of finding the promised land. What does it mean to be a billionaire? Money Crashers suggest that this is what a billionaire is:

“Simply stated, a billionaire is a person who has a net worth of $1 billion or more. In other words, if you can sell all your assets for cash, pay off your debts, and have $1 billion remaining in the bank afterward, you are a billionaire. Having $1 billion in assets with debts of $900 million doesn’t make you a billionaire, although you and your family are unlikely to worry about future college expenses or retirement.”


Born Into It?

Money Crashers goes on to say that college can be important but is not necessary. They also state that coming from a rich family can help but is not necessary. Some targets for developing products and services are suggested to be the categories of Tech, Finance, or Real Estate.

Your Plan

We believe that you also need to have a plan and be willing to use it, revising the “how” now and then if needed, but to keep moving forward at all cost. Marriage may not be your thing if you are a billionaire, at least it appears to be challenging for the partner who is not the actual individual pursuing the big dream.

Another Source

Going back to an earlier topic, that of whether you must be born rich to achieve becoming a billionaire let us look at what The Motley Fool has to say about this area:

“If you are wondering how to become a billionaire, it can seem like you need to be born one, but that’s far from the case. According to the folks at the Wealth-X research firm, only 13% of the billionaires out there inherited their billions. About 27% did inherit a lot of money and then grew that sum to a billion or more, but about 60% of billionaires became billionaires on their own.”


eLearning in America


USA eLearning seen at USAeLearning.com takes eLearning in the USA very seriously with topics such as distance education, online learning, computerized electronic learning, internet learning and much more. eLearning can be defined by education that is done entirely online and that has nothing to do with the use of DVDs in the classroom.

Distance Learning

A variation on eLearning can include interactive eLearning such as a Zoom call where there is a live stream in the learning environment allowing students to have questions and answers with the individual being streamed.

Proven Method for Learning

This increases the opportunity to get the input from both celebrities and known experts. Most importantly is that eLearning has been designated as a proven method for learning.

USA eLearning is on the Rise!

Teachers and Students

I believe that USA eLearning can save us. Case in point, my 12 year old daughter is getting a terrific education remotely. Many American educators believe in the approach of “USA eLearning,” especially in these times that education without being in the same room with the teacher and students, is on the rise.

Remaining Relevant

I know that in my business has had to pivot many times, sometimes in radically different directions, in order to remain relevant.


The quickly evolving HOME BUSINESS ACHIEVERS is finding its home online as new audiences are made aware of it on a daily basis. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who make their livelihood in the home based business arena. Our goal is to help these people communicate and interact with their future clients. Media has come a long way from being a television in a box with its curtains closed.

Feel free to communicate with use regarding our consulting and digital goods. Or for whatever reason.