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Yianni Stamas Talks About How Teaching Can Lead to Ideas

Message from this Week’s Blogger

Hi. My name is Yianni Stamas and I am your blogger this week with a very short post about how teaching can lead to ideas. Offline I’ve lectured at colleges several times, teaching online marketing. And in terms of eLearning, I taught daily video lessons on the topic of solopreneur filmmaking for two years at a popular online education website. And I found both of these experiences to be very stimulating.

I learned a lot myself while teaching and strove to achieve what Benjamin Franklin (based on a Confucius quote) once said:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Getting Students Involved

The challenge has been to involve people in the educational process so they walk away feeling that they have gained knowledge through doing. And for me as an educator, I garnered through my offline and eLearning teaching experiences with having learned a lot myself. There’s nothing like breaking down lessons into categories and chunks to learn more about what you know.

Ideas from Teaching

Ideas that came out of these experiences was the writing of a book and publishing it. Again I learned more and now, having gone through that process, I am excited to maybe teach about that experience. And if I do teach it I know that through the experience I’ll learn myself and get more…ideas!

Kids' Learning

eLearning and Coronavirus Remote Education

Dedicated to Remote Education

Every weekday I and my wife get a view into the eLearning experience our 11 year old daughter is having with remote education. She is thriving. In fact just this morning , I and my wife received a wonderful email letter from our daughter’s art teacher saying what a wonderful student our daughter is, both dedicated to her own learning as well as helping her classmates.

A Great eLearning Experience

The letter was very touching and an example of the great eLearning experience our daughter is engaged in, despite the Coronavirus that is keeping us in lockdown. It’s funny how Zoom has for the moment become a staple in many of our lives as well as a remote education tool.

Lessons Via Computer

At the beginning of the school year our daughter and her peers were all given Chromebooks to do their school work on. The laptop our daughter received has proven to be very helpful in undergoing the lessons she is participating in. How wonderful it is to every weekday watch our daughter learn via her computer.