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The American Remote Classroom Versus USA eLearning

Too Much Creative Technology Available?

It is not terrific to see that this site has not been updated in around six months. Yes, it is getting tougher and tougher to keep up with updates and procedures in a creative world. Meaning, there is so much opportunity these days with information technology and the like, that one can get overwhelmed with what is out there (in a good way) but as a result, not doing tasks in the timely manner that they deserve to be done in.

Technology to the Rescue

When starting USA eLearning, the idea was to take a snapshot of eLearning in America and write posts about its evolution. And at this point, due to the pandemic, eLearning is everywhere and is now called something different: remote learning. It is really pretty amazing the spectrum of educating that was going on via cyber methods. Not just kids, but college students as well.

Education Theft?

Although there was a lot of negative press about attending class virtually, my personal experience with it has been quite favorable. The most often used complaint by parents was that they felt that their children were being robbed of the in-person approach, and therefore they were not keeping up with academic standards. And for many, especially those parents who had kids with a learning disabilities, this was true.

Teachers who Love Teaching Were More Likely to Reach Kids than those who “Phone it in.”

But what I watched unfold, was that for a kid who was motivated, eLearning was possibly even better than the alternative. Since there were fewer distractions, it became easier for the student to move through class requirements more quickly. But I imaging that it has to do with the quality of teaching at the school the pupil is attending. Teachers who really wanted to connect with kids and help them learn, were able to do so despite the mode and circumstances.

Student Social Interaction

An undeniable negative of remote learning for kids, and even college students really, was the lack of opportunity for social interaction that is important for the growth of human beings. Yes, there are a lot of digital tools available through which students can interact with each other not during school ours, but for some grades more than others, it makes peer communications virtually pale in comparison to in-person.

eLearnling Evolution

USA eLearning is on the Rise!

Teachers and Students

I believe that USA eLearning can save us. Case in point, my 12 year old daughter is getting a terrific education remotely. Many American educators believe in the approach of “USA eLearning,” especially in these times that education without being in the same room with the teacher and students, is on the rise.

Remaining Relevant

I know that in my business has had to pivot many times, sometimes in radically different directions, in order to remain relevant.


The quickly evolving HOME BUSINESS ACHIEVERS is finding its home online as new audiences are made aware of it on a daily basis. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who make their livelihood in the home based business arena. Our goal is to help these people communicate and interact with their future clients. Media has come a long way from being a television in a box with its curtains closed.

Feel free to communicate with use regarding our consulting and digital goods. Or for whatever reason.

eLearnling Evolution

Yianni Stamas Talks About How Teaching Can Lead to Ideas

Message from this Week’s Blogger

Hi. My name is Yianni Stamas and I am your blogger this week with a very short post about how teaching can lead to ideas. Offline I’ve lectured at colleges several times, teaching online marketing. And in terms of eLearning, I taught daily video lessons on the topic of solopreneur filmmaking for two years at a popular online education website. And I found both of these experiences to be very stimulating.

I learned a lot myself while teaching and strove to achieve what Benjamin Franklin (based on a Confucius quote) once said:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Getting Students Involved

The challenge has been to involve people in the educational process so they walk away feeling that they have gained knowledge through doing. And for me as an educator, I garnered through my offline and eLearning teaching experiences with having learned a lot myself. There’s nothing like breaking down lessons into categories and chunks to learn more about what you know.

Ideas from Teaching

Ideas that came out of these experiences was the writing of a book and publishing it. Again I learned more and now, having gone through that process, I am excited to maybe teach about that experience. And if I do teach it I know that through the experience I’ll learn myself and get more…ideas!

eLearnling Evolution

The Power of Education Online

It is Now More Important than Ever

Much has changed since our latest blog post. The majority of students are now studying online due to the pandemic outside. Who would have thought that at this time USA eLearning would have become such a staple.

A Safe Place

Although we are upset about the Coronavirus and the negative affect it is having on human beings, we are simultaneously excited that USA eLearning was available to help solve the problem of where students of all kinds could seek refuge to continue their learning process.

The Unfolding of Something New

Never have we been so active. There is need for USA eLearning all across the nation and for that matter, the World. Folks are realizing the importance of what distance eLearning provides. Even after the threat of COVID-19 subsides we believe that USA eLearning will continue to be prevalent in numbers that prior we could only imagine. Welcome to the bringing in of USA eLearning.

eLearnling Evolution

eLearning is Growing

What is eLearning?

eLearning consists of the providing of an educational experience online, without having to be in person in a class room. Though, in some cases there is the hybrid model which combines in-class activities and out-of-class eLearning. The web portion of the hybrid model can include the use of eBooks. And because of all of the continually evolving technologies as seen at VideoFilmWeb, being an eLearning Provider has never been easier.

Feedback Based

As we are a young group, relatively new to the eLearning spectrum, we tend to go the PDF eBook route because it is quite easy to do. You can literally convert a PowerPoint presentation into an eBook. This makes sense as a solution for us since many of our PowerPoint presentations have been tested on actual audiences and have in that context proven to be successful based on feedback from the group. Writing capabilities are sometimes borrowed from Web Design Magician.


The great thing about eLearning (even with eBooks) is the interactive component. The student is able to ask questions of the instructor with some of the interactions becoming new content either for the current eBook or future ones.

The Technology Evolution

And the life of the eBook seems only to be getting better, due to the fact that so many people have switched from landlines to smartphones.


These days email marketing is still actively used in the world of eBooks. Sometimes people offer an instantly downloadable eBook in exchange for someone joining their list.

Quality is Important

Quality is very important for this though. You need to provide value in your eBook that is given to others for free to get them to sign up for your mailings. VideoFilmWeb in the past has used this approach.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

The key to using eBooks is that you actually have a background in the topic of the book. This will mean that in the future you will be able to provide feedback on that subject matter. If possible include stories in your eBooks of your own experiences having to do with what is being discussed. Web Design Magician sometimes does this. This will bring credibility to what you are doing and will help to establish you as an expert.