Having a METHOD HOW to market your business at low or no cost is one of the goals that USA eLearning has for you the small business owner or if you are someone who is thinking of starting a business.

USA eLearning has as its mission to help develop digital learning tools that will be useful to small businesses hit hard by COVID and other stressors as well as those who are thinking about starting a company, but have many of the same challenges.

Businesses that were not able to move to digital, suffered greatly. They had been conducting their business in-person, meaning they work with customers was face to face.

But when COVID hit, everything went digital, meaning that having online access to customers and being able to fulfill their needs via online was vital to survival.

There were three basic ways that small businesses were able to succeed on the internet.

  1. Streaming video that enabled you to be one on one virtually, and then would have a session.
  2. Number two is being able to do the Commerce model where digital goods could be gotten at websites instantly by download or membership site interaction.
  3. And the third is that customers would order online and then have physical items sent to them.

But for companies that thought they could never adapt their business to the internet, this lead to a large percentage of them having to close down. Though, others who were up to the challenge did well.

And some businesses actually did quite well because they had determined a pathway that would make doing business online work for them.

In the works is a new concept in eLearning Tools. It is the use of secret strategies that step-by-step in only ten easy steps, empower and help the user to achieve a short term business and marketing outcome.

And when the collective of volunteers open the doors to the website METHOD HOW, there will be strategies of use for businesses that qualify. Initially those businesses that fit into the “U.S. in Need” Paradigm can get the strategies at no cost.

And we here at USA eLearning look forward to learning more about the educational benefits of the strategies and how the learning and use, work together for results and success.