We are not even open yet for collaborations with our clients and others, but we thought it was important to begin the dialogue regarding who we are and how we can help you. We are working with one group though. We’re talking about USAcreate.com. They’re educators AND tool makers! Obviously we are extremely new to the online mix of web educators and their methodologies, but we can’t help but share our amazement that a group such as USAcreate.com exists. High value for low (or sometimes even no) cost. Having the same entity which educates also be your digital tool makers means greater strength of continuity and impact.

Our products page is located here:


Company Details

We are described as having services, eBooks and services and that our mission is to provide you with educational and marketing empowerment to achieve your goals! As some of you know, we are friendly with the folks behind Thrillumentary and we can’t thank them enough for their support that has gotten us up to this point! That goes for the Stamas Bros as well. This talented duo has been a great resource.

How to Get New Customers

Also on that page we mention that our vision is to help you have the confidence, tenacity and courage needed to create the life you want! We help you with premium and free learning experiences as well as the tools to bring those experiences into reality with topics such as “How to Get New Customers.”

Our Competitive Difference

What makes us unique is that we not only supply you with eLearning in the form of eBooks and courses, but we additionally will offer the tools needed to achieve the goals you have.

A Creative Family

We are literally working around the clock to get everything ready for our launch. And speaking of launches we’ve been asked to participate in the launch of the Stamas Bros who have a website at StamasBros.com. The reason I bring this up is because some of the same people who are helping the Stamas Bros with their project, are helping us as well. It’s like a creative family.

Blogger Coalition

An interesting note is that one of the two Stamas Bros actually founded the Blogger Coalition seeking to bring together various of his websites for both clients and in house work. Plus Thrillumentary is very much behind us.

Science and Art

I’m told that as of this writing he has over 35 blogs that are united through the topic of Online Marketing Arts. It is our belief that marketing is not just a science but is also an art like any other. The Stamas Bros see it this way as well.

A Countdown

We will see you soon with the new eBook!