Take Them to the Next Level

Our authors are communication artists. They take what they write very seriously, always striving to be helpful to those who need the solution to a problem. This puts a lot of pressure on the creator to create a work that will help to take the reader to the next level.

Consider the Possibilities

This process starts with something that challenges the reader in their own life. They must have a great hurdle to overcome that you can help them with. And if you wish to use eLearning as a communication art, you need to ask to yourself, are you the best person to be developing a book on the topic?

Who Are You?

Some have the revelation that there may be someone else who is more qualified to address the problem of the customer. This is fine. You can always take the approach of interviewing one or more people who posses more knowledge than you do. It is still your project, you are facilitating it. The possibilities are endless. Are you an eLearning communication artist?