Gadget the Technomatic Wonder Dog is Ready to Help You with Maximizing in Your Promotional Video Both Branding and Giggles!

If you are here at USA eLearning looking for some info regarding the process of creating a funny commercial or video, then you are at the right place. Specifically, what we are going to briefly explore is figuring out the best place in your promotion is to put the biggest laugh moment? In other words, at what point in the video is the most beneficial section to add the serious guffaws?

Laughter and meaning combined. Emotion that brings about a smile.

Why does this work? It is because when the person in their everyday life or work thinks about a funny moment from your commercial, you want them to recall the primary aspect of your message that you desire to get across.

A big mistake that companies can make is to be so caught up in making a promo that is as hilarious as possible that they miss the original intent of what they want the takeaway to be for the viewer. It is understandable why this happens because no one wants to make a commercial that seems too much like a commercial!

There is the desire with some agencies to go full hog with what is funny, and although the targeted demographic will do a bit of ha-ha-ha-ing, no points are made for the client and advertiser because the individuals who watch ad will later have no recalling who did the promo nor do they care to know.

Not a good phenomenon for an advertiser which in turn means that the creator is not pleasing the client and therefore could lose an account.

All that the marketing client wanted was a little bit of persuasion to assist in getting for them another customer. And yes, that falls on the marketer.

So how can you be funny and yet still getting the sponsors’ identity to hit home with the person watching the spot?

When a video maker is at a loss as to how to make a comedic commercial more converting of the prospect being sought, it is a good bet to follow a simple rule.

When making a humorous video but are at a loss of what to do to maximize giggles in conjunction with getting across the sponsor’s desired branding message, there is a simple tactic to set implement.

Meaning and emotion is extremely important to building brand awareness with or without humor attached. To then combine emotion/meaning into an advertisement while also having humor attached can be a positive double whammy.

Where does brand have a big opportunity to get stored in the viewer’s memory banks? Something that does sometimes work in a pinch is to put the branding in the same place of the biggest moment of hilarity. Why? Because humans remember emotion, and laughter is one.

So, if as they laugh, they are simultaneously taking in an important branding moment, you have the best of both worlds!