Your Services, eBooks and Courses

Taking our courses including our free 10 day email course or low or no cost eBooks, will stimulate your creativity. You will be able to come up with IDEAS that are solutions for your business or career!

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide you with educational and marketing empowerment to achieve your goals! Our vision is to help you have the confidence, tenacity and courage needed to create the life you want utilizing the Services, eBooks and Courses you need!

The USA eLearning Difference

USA eLearning is different from other eLearning organizations not just because we have free and low cost eBooks available, but also due to the fact that we first provide you with the education to learn “How to Get New Customers,” as well as offer the option to create for you the exact same tools discussed in our learning materials! This makes it much easier for you because now you won’t be scurrying to try to make the tools that you read about!

Get the Same Tools Discussed in Our eBooks

Yes, as stated, at USA eLearning we are primarily an education company with the option to purchase digital tools from us, that are demonstrated in our eBooks and other educational materials. In other words, these tools are created following the guidelines of our learning documents. This gets you up and running quicker to get new clients!

Now Digital Tools are Available

For those interested in products outside of just education, we have website and marketing tools creation available through our partner The way it works is that we will create for you a low-cost website or implement a redo of your current site. Either way, we follow the specs of our educational materials. After this step, your website will be ready to get super charged with the power of the online marketing arts!

The 4 Packages of Tools

The next phase is that you choose from 4 packages the one that is best suited for you. The packages vary in the number of tools they have. For example, there is a Beginner’s Package with 3 tools, an Intermediate Package with 6 tools, a Pro Package of 9 tools and a Super Pro Package consisting of 19 tools! All these tools are discussed in detail in our eBooks so you will effortlessly become empowered to achieve your goals!

Option Available to Have Us Manage Your Website

Once you have determined your package, we add that package’s tools to your website and upon completion you are free to manage your website yourself and we’ll say our goodbyes. Or, you have the option to have us manage your site for you, which means we do monthly tool updating and tactic development. We become your ally for acquiring new customers as well as keeping the ones you already have!

Campaign Update Bundles

The tactic for the month is reflected in the updates we do of your digital marketing tools that are designed to support that month’s campaign. These monthly campaigns are created for you to get new customers as well as retain the ones you already have. We call these “Campaign Update Bundles.” Each month you have a fresh set of marketing materials to work with just like in our eBooks to assist in taking you to the next level!

Bundles Coincide with Packages

Monthly Campaign Update Bundles coincide with your choice of packages. For example, if you originally chose a Beginner’s Package of 3 tools, we customize for you a “Beginner’s Campaign Update Bundle” that utilizes 3 tools. Whereas if you choose the Intermediate Package, your 6 tools will be updated and so on. Now with your bundle and package in place you take an entrepreneurial and artistic journey like you never have!

Blogger Coalition

Other exciting details that are in the mix is that since USA eLearning has a close relationship with the Blogger Coalition – which consists of over 35 blogs in a variety of different topics – this coalition has agreed to write up to 3 stories on businesses or artists (of all kinds) who are our clients and are making a difference in their communities. Please note that not all clients will be featured in writeups, both those who are will have yet another layer of promotional excitement!

Popular Quizzes on Your Website

And since online quizzes are very hot right now, we’re making it possible for clients to get quizzes installed in their websites on the topic of their industry to engage and entertain the visitors to their website. Engaging your audience is very important and there’s nothing at the moment that is quite as popular as quizzes! Imagine your own quiz simultaneously engaging your client while edging that person closer to becoming your customer!

What About the eBooks?

But you may be asking, “What about the eBooks? What are the free eBooks and the low-cost eBooks that you have available at the moment?” Great question and we’re going to tell you how you are going to be able to find out this information. Keep coming back to this page. We’ll be adding eBooks below as soon as we create them. If possible read the eBooks prior to getting your tools, but if you need to get started as soon as possible getting new clients you can refer to the educational materials along the way!