Celebrate Your Business

We here at USAeLearning feel that Astronomy is is an important nonfiction topic. For those of you who are interested in Astronomy, or even those who are not, we are reaching out to you regarding yesterday’s Total Solar Eclipse. The relationship between the eclipse and the kind of work we do (“How To” eBooks) is that we can learn from the coming together of the sun and the moon. You see, your career, small business or your solopreneur undertakings are at their best an event to be celebrated. Do you celebrate what you do?

Time to Throw in the Towel?

Many don’t. Why? Possibly because the majority of readers of “How To” eBooks never apply what they have learned. Chances are, they find the steps they need to take as being overwhelming or maybe something they feel is out of their reach. Fear and procrastination could be the cause of not taking action. We also understand that when things do not happen as you had hoped, this too can be demotivating. For example, we had planned to do a story on the eclipse yesterday, but were drowning in our work load. We could have forgotten about the whole thing even though we took the time to do research on the topic. It was frustrating because the original material was useless since we missed the day if should have been used.

Your Work is Worthy

But rather than allowing fear and procrastination to hold us back (which easily could have happened). So, we decided to not be ruled by negative emotion and wrote this blog entry today anyway. Facing feelings of being awkward and not knowing how it will all turn out, we bit our lip and kept going forward. And believe us if we tell you that if we can do it so can your. Celebrate your career, small business or solopreneur venture as being as worthy as an eclipse!